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Catalase 12,500 CATu (500mg)

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  • Protects DNA & mitochondrial function Turns hydrogen peroxide into water & oxygen Supports a healthy immune system Natural enzyme to the human body Support vibrant healthy-looking hair & skin.
  • Increase Hair Shine Support skin integrity & matrix structure Support healthy cholesterol ratios Protect from free damage to DNA Support liver health Reduce oxidation processes in the body.
  • Catalase helps reduce oxidation processes in the body Catalase turns hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen Catalase protects DNA and mitochondrial function.
  • Powerful antioxidant Possible anti-degenerative effects Supports fat metabolism Protects DNA strands Protects our blood Neutralizes cellular poisons Supports mitochondrial health.
  • Do you want to know how to look healthier and more vibrant? You'll discover here how you can boost your skin-care routine, and feel more beautiful than ever before.

Publisher: Script Essentials llc

Details: Catalase is one of your body's most powerful enzymes and it's an antioxidant we make it in the human body!
It has incredible free radical scavenger strength for a little liver enzyme!
One catalase molecule can convert approximately 5 million molecules of hydrogen peroxide to water and oxygen each minute.
Catalase turns dangerous peroxide into water and oxygen.
Without enough catalase, the peroxide builds up and can hurt you.
Catalase deficiencies may lead to loss of color in the hair follicle.
Peroxide is a cytokine, and it is harmful in excess amounts.
Catalase is now available in supplemental form.
You can think of this enzyme the same way you would glutathione meaning it is something that your body produces in the liver, but it's also available in supplemental form as well.
I've created a 500mg per capsule supplement.
Catalase is one of your body's most powerful enzymes and it's an antioxidant.
Convenient one capsule daily provides 500mg of Catalase equivalent to 12,500 CATu.
This product is free of gluten, soy, dairy, shellfish, artificial colors and magnesium stearate.
It's a stand-alone product (other brands have 10 or 15 other ingredients in them)
It is 500 mg, that's the strongest you can get today
It is bovine-free
One convenient capsule per day
Catalase neutralizes hydrogen peroxide
Support vibrant healthy-looking hair and skin
Neutralizes pain-causing peroxides
Supports thyroid immune health
Increases stamina and endurance
Offsets damage done by free radicals
Supports mitochondrial and DNA health, which are very sensitive to free radicals Catalase Promotes a Healthy Antioxidant Response
Made in the United States of America!
Manufactured in an FDA inspected facility according to GMP regulations
90 Day Money Back Guarantee

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